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Who We Are

Meteghan Office:
Phone: (902) 645-2125
Fax: (902) 645-2126
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Who We Are
SaulTech Computers is owned and operated by Chris Mazeroll, Computer Service Technician. The storefront is located in Meteghan. Feel free to call with any questions you might have.

Where We Are


8433 Highway #1 in Meteghan

Expert Advice
Buying a computer can be a big deal, especially with pushy, uniformed sales people. At SaulTech, all our employees are well informed on the latest products available and will only sell you the products you need.
Local Service
It's unavoidable; sooner or later you need to have your computer serviced. The great thing is that SaulTech offers both in-store and on-site service, helping you where and when you need it. Call us to set up a service at your home or business or simply walk-in with your computer and we'll get right on it.