We now offer cost effective internet in Clare

Now offering internet in parts of Clare.

  • Meteghan
  • Maxwellton
  • Saint Joseph
  • Comeauville (coming early 2021)
  • Little Brook (coming early 2021)
  • Saulnierville (coming mid 2021)

Contact Us at (902) 645-2125


In light of COVID19 and people staying at home, we’d like to reassure our customers that although we’re seeing consistent high traffic usage, our SaulTech Internet infrastructure is robust and is coping.

Most online and streaming services (film, tv etc) are starting to reduce their streaming quality to cope with the massive global demand. You may see buffering from time to time due to this surge in demand - it does not mean that your SaulTech Internet connection isn’t working properly.

Speed test services are also seeing a surge in demand leading to very mixed results. Plus, the tests only reflect the speed available to a single device on the connection shared by your whole home (and all the connected devices within it).

We hope this time will soon pass and the world gets back to normal, along with the quality of streaming services. The good news is that due to the engineering quality of our network, as an existing customer of SaulTech Internet, you will continue to benefit from our reliable service.